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Bose AV hospitality
Bose Hospitality Sound Solutions

Bose can provide innovative audio solutions to create a new dimension of comfort and luxury for your guests – for both in-room and public area applications. Just as importantly, the Bose brand can support and enhance the distinctive image of your property. READ MORE

DIRECTV COM2000 Headend System

COM2000 High-Definition and Standard-Definition satellite headend solution designed specifically to serve the Hospitality “Free-to-Guest” market. Features: Compact Form Factor, Pro:ldiom and LYNK Copy Protection, Integrated EdgeQAMs, On-Screen Program Guide & PSIP Data, and Remote Management. READ MORE

USB Charging Wallplates

A sleek duplex wall plate which installs literally in seconds. Simply remove the old standard wall plate and replace it with the USB wall plate using a single screw. The new USB wall plate will make electrical connections with the outlet automatically. It has the power to charge virtually every phone and tablet on the market. READ MORE

Welcome screen pro:centric server
Mylight: Bed & Closet Lights

Bed lights will certainly give your room a distinctive professional design as well as the practicality, comfort and safety of having your floor illuminated as soon as you get out of bed. The companion closet light will allow you to effectively illuminate your closet space making your morning dressing routine a real pleasure. READ MORE

Sound + Sleep

Redefines the science of sleep. Utilizing patented Adaptive Sound technology, it continuously “listens” & analyzes background sounds in your environment for unwanted & disruptive noise. It responds to these intrusive noises by remixing sound profiles & adjusting volume to neutralize them without becoming disruptive itself. READ MORE


Your personal fan-sound and a white-noise machine. Features: Highest-quality Sound, Precise Control, Multi-hour Timer, Compact Design, Natural Sleep, No Drug Side Effects, Whisper to Very Loud, and Two Sound Options: 10 Electric Fan Sounds and 10 White Noises. READ MORE

Screen Kleen

The best way to make sure you aren’t harming your screens. Safe for all lens surfaces: optical, computer, and projection TV screens, LCD screens, and plasma TV screens. Ph balanced, and non-toxic or irritating. Free microfiber cleaning cloth included with each bottle. READ MORE

SnapPower Wall Plate Night Light USB Charging Solution

The SnapPower Guidelight is a sleek and attractive nightlight built into the cover plate of your outlet. It installs in seconds over any standard outlet and always leaves both outlets available for use. READ MORE


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