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Financing: We offer you easy access to cash to purchase your products!

Fast access to $250,000*

A pre-approved line of credit allows you to be prepared to purchase your complete solution, including:

  • Your products and services
  • Soft costs including shipping and taxes
  • Any training or installation

No CAPEX built into this year’s budget? No problem! Get the job done now and improve your property today. Pay a low monthly payment and pay off in full as budget allows. We don’t penalize for early payment.

New: Faster credit decisions: most within minutes not hours!

Ascentium Capital: Fast. Flexible. Financing.
* Financing and instant decisions are based on credit parameters

To get an idea of what your payment will be. Check out our online calculater here

When it comes to financing, look no further, Clear Sight & Sound is the clear choice!

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