Dynamic Surface Systems


Like No Other Surfaces In The World


Dynamic Surface Systems is an exclusive worldwide provider of fully Transparent, Opaque, and Mirror projection surfaces, including glass. The cutting-edge display technology is embedded into the surface itself; photons in the light source interact with the pixels and activate the picture. The high levels of brightness and contrast allow for crisp, clear images without losing image quality. Our superior, exclusive projection surfaces can be used for a wide variety of different applications in many industries. All our products are ideal for interactive displays and are touch capable. The interactive capabilities of our dynamic surfaces are endless.


Dynamic Surface Systems offers the highest quality, dual-purpose Mirror projection surfaces – which means crisp, vibrant images and unique capabilities.



We offer innovative, versatile Opaque projection capabilities for endless applications. Our unique opaque material is applied directly to the surface.


Dynamic Surface Systems offers the world’s first 95% Transparent projection surface. If you need superior visual clarity look to Dynamic Surface Systems.

About Us

Our focus has always been on providing our customers with a package of technology services that is right for them, wherever they are located and whatever their unique situation may be. We take tremendous pride in our people and the workmanship they bring to every project, big or small.


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