• Simple Conference Rooms: Life Made Easier.
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    Take the complications and cables out of your meeting room, and bring your guest experience into the next generation by providing simple conference rooms.

    Simple Conference Rooms ClickShare and Aquos Board

    Today’s simple conference room design removes the hassle of cables, connection types, and compatibility, and delivers an experience to your customers that will have them returning to your conference space again and again. All this, while saving money along the way.

    Below are a couple of the products on which we have received positive feedback, and won’t break the bank to install in your space.

    • Sharp Aquos Boards – Sharp interactive display systems are designed to greatly enhance interaction and productivity. Interactive displays are best used in smaller meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and learning areas. Large meeting rooms can still utilize these screens, with sizes up to 80 inches. Intuitive touchscreen operation, with a finger or a pen, facilitates active collaboration and exchange of opinions. When not being used in a meeting, the screen can be used for an interactive touchscreen display for digital signage displaying ads, directions, information, and notifications. Click here for more details.
    • Barco ClickShare – At the click of a button, you have the power to share your laptop, tablet, or cell phone screen with the presentation screen in the room. The best feature of the Barco button device…no cords! Connection is obtained through either a USB port or mobile application, so no more compatibility issues with different device manufacturers. Clickshare allows the meeting to be collaborative and no longer limits you to one presenter. Click here for more details.

    If anyone is like me, I have anxiety every time I go to use my device as a presentation tool. Will the correct connection for my laptop be available? Is my laptop going to function properly with the device? Do I need to take special considerations to ensure all my media functions properly with the network availability? These devices eliminate the need for worry by ensuring quick, simple connection and compatibility with nearly all available devices. Customers can feel reassured knowing a simple button or app will give them full functionality. No need for cables, set-up, and no waiting to join in. Just easily share what’s on their screen.

    At Clear Sight & Sound, Inc., we have installed several of these simple conference room solutions in our customer’s meeting spaces and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out this video to see what the Sheraton in Bloomington MN is saying about these two solutions.



    Contact us today about simple conference room solutions


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  • Commercial or Consumer TV, What’s The Difference Anyway?
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    Man Head With Question MarkOften when debating purchasing new TVs for your business, it can be tempting to stop by your local electronics store and purchase one of their amazing deals. After all, it’s cheaper than you’ve paid for TVs from your dealer before and it’s available to purchase on-the-spot. However, this can be setting yourself up for a great deal of disappointment in the future.

    When determining the best television for your needs it’s important to consider exactly how you’ll be using the TV, how long it will be in use each day, and what exactly the warranty will cover on the specific TV.

    Consumer TVs are made for just that, the consumer. They are designed to function well in a person’s home, for a maximum of a few hours each day, without the demands provided by a commercial property space. These TVs are warrantied for use in a residential setting by the manufacturer, and warranties can be voided if used otherwise. Due to these lower demands, these televisions are typically cheaper because the technology doesn’t have to be built to run for long hours each day.

    Commercial TVs are specifically made to be used in a commercial space. Different types of TVs (typically called, commercial, Prosumer) are made to run for different amount amounts of time (12 hours per day, 16 hours per day, 24/7). The hardware put into these TVs can withstand the stress, heat, and power usage which accompanies running for long times in sometimes demanding environments. Because of this sturdier hardware, the manufacturer will warranty these TVs while being used in a commercial space as that’s where they’re designed to be used.

    The below chart demonstrates some of the other, more intricate differences between the two types of displays.


    Commercial Vs. Consumer TV Chart
    This chart was built using information compiled from the blog “Commercial vs. Consumer Grade Displays” by Michael Sarich-Business Development Manager at Volanti Displays. Full Blog Here 


    Bottom line: Don’t end up spending more money later by incorrectly trying to save money now. Make sure you’re purchasing the correct standard of TV for your property.


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  • Sound Bars vs Surround Sound Speakers
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    With ever-changing conference rooms and meeting rooms, it has become even more important for owners and managers to consider every option when building their perfect space, especially concerning sound bars & surround sound speakers.

    Ensuring functionality while maintaining a clean and organized room will guarantee your guests continue to return to your property instead of moving somewhere else. One of the most difficult decisions to make in any room is what audio equipment to use. Sound bars are a perfect choice for this scenario.

    There are so many options to choose from, but all the options of brand, size, power, and more, surface after making the first choice: sound bar or speakers. Below, let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each product type.

    Man with question mark coming out of head about Sound BarsBenefits of sound bars:

    • Easy installation and connectivity.
    • Minimal wiring needed.
    • Modern, sleek design.
    • Fit well in smaller spaces and don’t stand out in the environment.
    • Excellent virtual sound, simulates surround sound experience.

    Benefits of surround sound speakers:

    • Full range surround sound.
    • Able to place speakers in multiple areas for optimal acoustics.
    • Maximum bass without a separate subwoofer.
    • Better overall audio presentation.

    Drawbacks of sound bars:

    • May need separate subwoofer.
    • Placement creates spots in room with better listening experience than others.
    • Does not always produce complete surround sound, especially in larger rooms.

    Drawbacks of surround sound speakers:

    • Most require running wires to each individual speaker.
    • Takes up more space.
    • More intricate installation process.
    • Typically more costly.

    Overall, sound bars create an immersive experience, with minimal installation hassles and cord messes, for a smaller meeting or conference room. However, they may lose some effectiveness when placed in a larger area. Surround sound speakers take more time to install, but allow for more even sound distribution throughout a larger meeting space, without the need for extra add-ons later.

    Clear Sight & Sound strives to guarantee you have the best possible sound quality for your guest’s meetings, conferences, and events. We work with our manufacturers and distributors to design quality system that will deliver to your expectations and are built to last.

    Find the best fit for your rooms with Clear Sight & Sound:

    Contact Us Today


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  • Are You Giving Your Guests The Best Possible Experience?
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    Did you know approximately one out of five adults have a measurable degree of hearing loss? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public venues to be equipped with assistive listening systems. Is your property compliant?

    The ADA was enacted in 1990 to provide civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities. The ADA guarantees equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, recreational facilities, employment, transportation, state and local government services, and telecommunications. Not only does the U. S. Department of Justice have the power to enforce the ADA regulations, the number of private lawsuits has increased over the past two years. A provision exists within the act which allows attorney fees to the plaintiff’s attorney. Fines for failure to comply start at $55,000 for the first violation, and $110,000 for any subsequent violation. These fines do not include any personal damages resulting from a private lawsuit.

    Hotels, hotel chains, resorts, and conference facilities across the country are a prime target as their meeting and conference rooms are required to comply with ADA assistive listening regulations. In renovating or upgrading facilities, rooms, or properties one of the consistently overlooked areas when ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations is listening devices.

    Here are some possible solutions for hospitality venues:

    • Assistive listening – Ensures everyone can connect to important messages by providing a mandatory assistive listening system during events
    • Audio Delivered via WI-FI – Ensure everyone from the lobby to the fitness center to the meeting space can connect to the important messages
    • Tour Groups – Group tours often present challenges in Historical Venues. A Tour Group System solves these challenges so that all participants have a positive experience

    There are requirements based on the capacity of the assembly area. For example, Rooms containing 100 seats have a minimum requirement of four Assistive Listening Devices and two neck loops.

    It is important for owners and managers of properties containing these spaces to ensure they are not only protected against the financial consequences of noncompliance, but also are providing the best guest experience possible at the property.

    At Clear Sight & Sound our goal is to provide the best experience for your guests. If you have further questions regarding these ADA listening devices, or you believe you may not be in compliance with these federal regulations, click here and find out more


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  • Giving Back at Work for the Holidays
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    How do we give back during the crazy holiday season?

    This season it seemed to creep up on us all too fast. We were so happy that we had planned and could execute on the plan early and save us from ourselves and the stress of trying to get it all done at the last minute. It clearly showed how a plan early can help you stay on track, not just with Christmas events but all through the year.

    This year we we had an exciting opportunity to partner with Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse. This project mobilizes people around the world to pack shoeboxes with gifts, which are then collected, sorted, shipped around the world, and distributed to millions of children living in poverty and hopelessness. Since many of these children have never received a gift, they are elated to receive an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and will forever treasure the toys, school supplies, and hygiene items that they find inside.

    We shopped at the local dollar store to get the most for our money to spread it out to as many shoeboxes as we could. It’s amazing that a shoebox for example, that contained tooth paste, a pack of 5 toothbrushes, stuffed animal, a bible, and pencils/sharpener AND included shipping came to only $15! It’s an amazing feeling to know that the box can change a child’s life forever. Some of these kids grow up to become young adults and still have and talk about their stuffed animal or other items they received, and what that box meant to them. Incredible to be a part of this.

    We also think there are so many ways to give back during this season and sometimes it’s doesn’t have to be about the gift giving or charity donations. We think all the little things count too. Little things like someone volunteering to order lunch for the office, starting the cars at the end of the day, brushing snow off a co-worker’s car, the extra thank you for a job well done and keeping an upbeat attitude to not let any potential scrooge dampen the holiday spirit in the office. Here in Minnesota some of these items mean so much more than gifts as we don’t like the cold weather this time of year.

    Outside of the little things, it is nice to join with your co-workers and do something for an organization as well. Bringing everyone together to bond on that activity creates a great united team not to mention the satisfaction of serving others. Name your organization that best fits your culture and caring and join to do something to help others this holiday season. Plan, unite, and serve; you’ll be amazed at the results.

    Merry Christmas!

    Lori Kicker & Dan Star



    For more ideas and inspiration check out this blog by Angelique O’rourke’ called
    “How to Bring the Holiday Spirit of Giving Into Work”.




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  • What creates an upscale home experience in your guest rooms?
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    Whether you are a Luxury, Boutique Hotel, or have a suite to highlight to your guests; Clear Sight & Sound can help you take your guest room to the next level with Bose.

    bose2      bose3      bose1


    We are showcasing a sample of some of Bose new Hospitality line that can be used in the way your guests will appreciate.  It’s all about the experience. Bose has a reputation for delivering extraordinary sound experience in home entertainment and automotive sound.  This is the reason Clear Sight & Sound has teamed up with Bose to provide this great new line to our Hotels.

    The new line has speaker size and quality to provide the soft background music needed for your lobby area, to the medium sound level needed in your breakfast area, bar or restaurant to the loud volume needed in a fitness facility, lounge or lively restaurant.  The speakers are available in wall units for flush installation or cube design.  The flush wall units are paintable.

    It has the capability to switch between sources without sudden volume changes by using Bose Source Leveling controls.  Source Leveling controls the sound and keeps it at the same level so feel free to use several sources. For example you could us MP3s, satellite programming or radio, and your guests will not notice a change in sound level.

    Here at CSS we are working with our clients to increase their guests experience and create additional revenue sources through a higher level of guest experience.  Wanting to create an upscale home experience in your suites, Clear Sight and Sound can help you design an experience that will wow your guests.  We are featuring the home theatre experience in your suites to give your guest a better than home experience while not disturbing other guests.

    Check out the full Bose Hospitality Solutions Brochure here.

    For more information regarding these and other great product offerings, contact [email protected] or call us at 888-523-4888.


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  • A rabbit out of a hat to make everybody in the project happy?
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    magician rabbit out of hatI recently read an article written by Steve Thorburn of Thorburn Associates, Inc. about when to call a project a success. (Read Steve’s full blog here.) It made me feel at home with our customer challenges and knowing that we are not the only AV integrator seeing some of these challenges.

    I think the best way to try to prevent these challenges as Steve states, is Communication. Communication needs to flow through all segments of a project. I know that on just about every project there will be something that pops up that is unexpected; however, the more prepared you are in advance and have a proven process that is followed, the more likely you will feel the project was a success.

    Project success will be different to every player that is involved in the project. The sales team will see success out of a signed contract, the AR/AP team will see success out of an accepted and final paid invoice, the install team will see success when the system is fully functional and installed, and the customer will see it as successful when they are 100% satisfied and when they have a system, equipment, or software that provides them with the service they wanted.

    How do we reach that level of success? Through communication and following our proven process. Here at CSS we have a proven process for our success of researching contacts, cold calling, uncovering the needs and issues, creating a proposal providing solutions, follow up, closing the sale with a consultative approach, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Ensuring satisfaction is where communication becomes the key to success throughout our projects. As long as we are communicating with all the players, everyone is more accepting of any additional challenges that come up along the way.

    So when is a project a success? When all the players from beginning to end are happy. It takes communication, a proven process and managing the expectations. Pulling a rabbit out of a magic hat might make everybody in the project happy…as long as the rabbit’s name is Communication.

    We would love to provide you with all the proper planning you’ll need for your successful project.

    Your success is our success! Let Us Help You Today!


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  • Financing: Make Those Upgrades a Reality
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    Looking for an HD upgrade to your TV service or in need of new TVs but don’t have it in the budget?

    Equipment leasing financingWe know that obtaining business assets to bolster your business without restricting cash flow is a balancing act. The solution? Clear Sight & Sound’s equipment leasing and financing from Ascentium Capital. It only takes seconds to apply and have access to affordable payments and potential tax advantages [talk to your accountant about Tangible Property Regulations].

    Our business financing products and services are customized to match unique business needs and goals. We’ll work with you to create a payment structure that matches your specific needs. For instance, full payments may be delayed until the equipment begins generating revenue and payments may be stretched out for up to 60 months. With our business financing, substantial cash outlays and depletion of bank credit lines can be avoided.

    With CSS’s financing through Ascentium Capital, companies have access to funds for HD TVs, headend equipment, digital signage, installation and more.
    Drive Growth with Equipment Leasing and Financing
    With equipment financing and leasing programs, you’ll experience:

    • Flexibility: We offer financing up to $1.5 million for new and used equipment and technology
    • Simplicity: For up to $250,000, all that’s required is a simple one-page application
    • Fast service: Most credit decisions within two hours
    • Low-to-no upfront costs: Deferred payment and 100% financing options are available
    • Buying confidence: With our pre-approvals, companies know what they can afford when shopping for equipment.

    Plus: ask about all-inclusive financing. The cost of new equipment goes beyond the sticker price and may also include shipping, taxes and other expenses. Clear Sight & Sound’s financing through Ascentium means 100% financing of these expenses, avoiding upfront costs.

    When it comes to financing, look no further.
    Clear Sight & Sound is the clear choice!
    Contact Us Today!

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  • Blast Off with a New Digital Signage System!
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    You are seeing it everywhere, but have you orbited into the newest way to get your corporate message and guest information out there? Honestly, digital signage has arrived and it’s here to stay. Options for how to implement a system into your property are as big as the sky, and we can help you hone them into the perfect solution that works for you and your staff.

    To give you an extraordinary example of how digital signage is being used, take a look at the link we’ve provided from Dave Haynes, the founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine.  A medical center in Greenville, SC has four treatment rooms for ill children that use a combination of digital signage players and screens synced with audio and mood lighting, which entertains the young patients. The benefits are outstanding; one huge result is that the children (and parents) are more relaxed, which shortens the testing time. You’ll definitely want to watch the video that’s on the link to get the full picture. 

    James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC

    James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC

    Click the link below for the full spectacular blog, by Dave Haynes at Sixteen:Nine


    Out of this world? You bet! Out of your grasp? Nope. With the expertise of the staff at Clear Sight & Sound, you can have an outstanding digital signage system that’s not going to put you into outer space with its costs. Give us a call; you just might be starry-eyed over the results.

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  • Sunday, Monday, Happy Digital Sign Days
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    c6919a15-e97c-4278-808d-c418843ad320In the old days, when I was first starting out in business, I worked for an athletic club which also had two restaurants, meeting rooms and a small hotel. I was responsible for the printed communications in the building. This involved the layout and design of a 32 page monthly magazine, ordering posters for upcoming social events,making table tents which advertised those events, and updating the big board members saw when they walked into the building. This big board used those white plastic letters that were placed on a ridged black board. It was a total pain to do this particular task. The table tents were made by cutting out images from a huge book we received each month and having the printer reduce them to fit onto the small signs. Type was either “typed” on a typewriter, using capital letters to emphasize the headlines, or, when we got really sophisticated, we purchased a Kroy machine, which spit out words on a tape, which then had to be placed perfectly on the layout sheet or they would be crooked. Does this sound like any fun to you? It wasn’t.

    Fast-forward to today. Many hotels are still using print, and if your hotel happens to be one of them, you might want to take a look at updating that concept. There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s called digital signage. Before you protest and say you can’t afford it, let me explain a few things. First, yes, there are upfront installation costs and some down time while your resident digital signage expert (and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn any of this) learns how to use the equipment. After that, kiss the recurring printing fees you’ve been paying for for years goodbye, bid adieu to print ads that are outdated but still hanging in your lobby because someone forgot to take them down, and be prepared to wow your guests.

    Benefits of digital signage:

    • Visually spectacular and engaging
    • Clearly establishes your brand and continues to get that in front of your guests
    • 100% customization of your property and brand
    • Instantly and remotely manage your content
    • Analytic reports that help you make strategic decisions that boost ROI.


    I remember ordering a poster for a sporting event where one of the speakers was from the Montreal Canadiens, and the poster lady spelled Canadiens “Canadians.” We were stuck with it. Mind you, she could have come back and used Wite-Out to fix it, but then everyone would know she had goofed (maybe some people didn’t notice the error; we could only hope). Other misspellings come to mind, but the point is that a mistake, or change (and we all know that these are an everyday occurrence) can be fixed in an instant with digital signage.

    My advice is to take off those bell bottoms and check out Digital Signage at Clear Sight & Sound. We’ll help you develop a thoughtful, engaging digital signage plan for your property and we’ll lighten the burden for your staff today and all future happy days.



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