Remote Control Won’t Work, Now What Do You Do?

Remote Control Won’t Work, Now What Do You Do?

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Remote Control Won't Work: dead batteries

“Remote Control Won’t Work!” Seems like we’ve all been through the issue of experiencing a remote control not communicating with the TV. Now you’re faced with the hard choice, buy a new remote or borrow one from a similar TV in an unused room or area. Not necessarily!

Here are some actions you can take to ensure you are getting the longest life out of your remote controls before you go out and buy new ones that you might not even need.


1. Checking for battery issues.

      1. Press a button anywhere on the remote and look for a green light at the top of the remote while doing so. If no green light appears, time to change the batteries.
      2. Finally if a green light does appear, move on to step 2.

2. Check for signal from the remote.

      1. If you have a cell phone available, open the camera on your phone.
      2. Face the front of the remote into the camera, as if the camera were your TV.
      3. Press any button on the remote.
      4. Looking at the phone’s camera, you should see 1 or 2 lights show up on your screen, indicating the remote is working.
      5. When lights do not appear, and you’ve replaced the batteries with new ones, your remote will need to be replaced. If the lights do appear, move on to step 3.

3. Reprogram the remote.

    1. Locate the menu button and press it to access the available menus.
    2. Navigate to “System Settings” and hit select.
    3. Scroll down to “Remote Control” and hit select.
    4. Follow the on-screen prompts to program remote control, then follow all on-screen directions to reprogram the remote.


However, if you do find yourself in need of new remotes after these trouble shooting tips, Contact Us Today and we’ll be more than happy to help you find a solution so you’re not finding yourself screaming “Remote Control Won’t Work!” anymore.


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