Simple Conference Rooms: Life Made Easier.

Simple Conference Rooms: Life Made Easier.

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Take the complications and cables out of your meeting room, and bring your guest experience into the next generation by providing simple conference rooms.

Simple Conference Rooms ClickShare and Aquos Board

Today’s simple conference room design removes the hassle of cables, connection types, and compatibility, and delivers an experience to your customers that will have them returning to your conference space again and again. All this, while saving money along the way.

Below are a couple of the products on which we have received positive feedback, and won’t break the bank to install in your space.

  • Sharp Aquos Boards – Sharp interactive display systems are designed to greatly enhance interaction and productivity. Interactive displays are best used in smaller meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and learning areas. Large meeting rooms can still utilize these screens, with sizes up to 80 inches. Intuitive touchscreen operation, with a finger or a pen, facilitates active collaboration and exchange of opinions. When not being used in a meeting, the screen can be used for an interactive touchscreen display for digital signage displaying ads, directions, information, and notifications. Click here for more details.
  • Barco ClickShare – At the click of a button, you have the power to share your laptop, tablet, or cell phone screen with the presentation screen in the room. The best feature of the Barco button device…no cords! Connection is obtained through either a USB port or mobile application, so no more compatibility issues with different device manufacturers. Clickshare allows the meeting to be collaborative and no longer limits you to one presenter. Click here for more details.

If anyone is like me, I have anxiety every time I go to use my device as a presentation tool. Will the correct connection for my laptop be available? Is my laptop going to function properly with the device? Do I need to take special considerations to ensure all my media functions properly with the network availability? These devices eliminate the need for worry by ensuring quick, simple connection and compatibility with nearly all available devices. Customers can feel reassured knowing a simple button or app will give them full functionality. No need for cables, set-up, and no waiting to join in. Just easily share what’s on their screen.

At Clear Sight & Sound, Inc., we have installed several of these simple conference room solutions in our customer’s meeting spaces and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out this video to see what the Sheraton in Bloomington MN is saying about these two solutions.



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