Commercial or Consumer TV, What’s The Difference Anyway?

Commercial or Consumer TV, What’s The Difference Anyway?

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Man Head With Question MarkOften when debating purchasing new TVs for your business, it can be tempting to stop by your local electronics store and purchase one of their amazing deals. After all, it’s cheaper than you’ve paid for TVs from your dealer before and it’s available to purchase on-the-spot. However, this can be setting yourself up for a great deal of disappointment in the future.

When determining the best television for your needs it’s important to consider exactly how you’ll be using the TV, how long it will be in use each day, and what exactly the warranty will cover on the specific TV.

Consumer TVs are made for just that, the consumer. They are designed to function well in a person’s home, for a maximum of a few hours each day, without the demands provided by a commercial property space. These TVs are warrantied for use in a residential setting by the manufacturer, and warranties can be voided if used otherwise. Due to these lower demands, these televisions are typically cheaper because the technology doesn’t have to be built to run for long hours each day.

Commercial TVs are specifically made to be used in a commercial space. Different types of TVs (typically called, commercial, Prosumer) are made to run for different amount amounts of time (12 hours per day, 16 hours per day, 24/7). The hardware put into these TVs can withstand the stress, heat, and power usage which accompanies running for long times in sometimes demanding environments. Because of this sturdier hardware, the manufacturer will warranty these TVs while being used in a commercial space as that’s where they’re designed to be used.

The below chart demonstrates some of the other, more intricate differences between the two types of displays.


Commercial Vs. Consumer TV Chart
This chart was built using information compiled from the blog “Commercial vs. Consumer Grade Displays” by Michael Sarich-Business Development Manager at Volanti Displays. Full Blog Here 


Bottom line: Don’t end up spending more money later by incorrectly trying to save money now. Make sure you’re purchasing the correct standard of TV for your property.


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