A Picture That Saves You $$$?

A Picture That Saves You $$$?

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There will always be a time when your system will have issues, it happens to the best of us. So knowing your system will help in fixing the issues that will arise.

guy with camera tripod iconThere is nothing better than a problem that can be resolved without a truck roll or with the technician on site for only a mere matter of minutes. The way to ensure this is the case, is as follows:

When your system is up and running, take a picture of the front and back of the system.

  • This helps you identify what could be wrong once the system does have problems.
  • Compare the pictures with your current situation and take note of any lights that are different and/or not lit.
  • Also note if any cables are unplugged or moved by comparing the pictures as well.
  • After comparing your pictures give your audio/visual expert a call and let them know the issue, as well as your findings.

These small and easy steps could be the difference between a fifteen minute phone call or truck roll and a five hour service call. Now that’s a picture worth taking right?


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