Leftovers? Don’t Risk It.

Leftovers? Don’t Risk It.

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Clear Sight & Sound strives to remain within the forefront of our industry by providing not only quality and timely service and installation, but also by ensuring the work we do complies with all applicable NEC and NFPA codes. This guarantees, along with successful inspections, the safety of your guests, staff, and buildings.

At times, it may seem as if it would be more efficient to fix any issues which may arise in house, by using whatever equipment may be leftover from previous projects or renovations. Not only can this risk damaging your system (creating a lengthier and more costly issue), but it can also bring your electrical wiring out of code, creating a safety risk and the risk of a large fine from the state. Many manufacturer warranties also hinge upon the fact the equipment was operated under normal circumstances and with the correct parts, and therefore could be voided if shortcuts are made to get the system working.

If any issue does arise, it is imperative to contact Clear Sight & Sound to either walk you through the repair over the phone using the proper equipment, or send a technician out to ensure the repair is completed safely and correctly. For more information, or for the answers to any questions, please feel free to contact us here or call our service line at 952.767.0027.


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